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The Sun Up, Sun Down club’ will offer excellent wrap around childcare in a rich enabling environment, allowing children to prepare for their day ahead and relax after a busy day.
The children will facilitate quality free time and play.
This will encourage sustained shared thinking through a wide range of resources and activities within boundaries set and agreed together”

SUN UP the Breakfast Club

The Sun Up, Sun Down Club is open Monday to Friday
for breakfast from 7:30 – 9:00am, which will include a breakfast of cereals, toast and toppings accompanied by fruit, juice and milk.

Breakfast is served from 8 -8:30am. Children are then able to explore activities of their choice in a relaxed environment. The children,if of school age are then escorted to the school at 8:45am.

SUN DOWN the after school club.

The after school sessions at the club are where the children get to enjoy a fun filled time of games, play, creative activities and socializing.
Children at school will be collected from the playground at the front of the school.
There will be a snack provided at 4:30pm.

We close at 6pm Monday to Friday.